Are you new to the streaming game or looking to upgrade your existing streaming set up? Book a Live Stream Production consulting session today. 


Live Stream Production Consultant

The Coronavirus pandemic is not expected to allow for a return to normal until at the earlest summer of 2021. If you are thinking it is time to start streaming or upgrading your streaming, now is the time! I have years of live streaming production experience ranging from setting up one camera home studios, large-scale multi-camera High Definition streaming, to live music and performance streaming. I’ve worked with budgets in the hundreds to the thousands and create a custom streaming set up that works for you. 

Scroll down to see samples of my live stream production.

This is an example of what we can do for those who are participating in a lot of Zoom meetings or virtual interviews. 
This is an example of what we can do for those who are looking to do virtual performances. 

Sample of a panel discussion in a live stream format.

Sample of episodic video content.