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Here you will find my free marketing and business resources for creatives. 

Instagram Tips for DIY Musicians

The high-level, best practices of Instagram are the same no matter what profession you are using it for, but there are some real differences in approach and techniques for the DIY musician hoping to grow their audience with Instagram.

Social Media Tips for DIY Musicians

Social media is really fun and rewarding when it is done with intention. Start with these 6 easy tips and you’ll quickly pick up momentum.

Do You Have a Lack Mentality About Money?

Overcoming a lack mentality is a fundamental first step to building wealth. 

What Would You Do Without Social Media?

Learning to use social media to market is an important skill but don’t put all your eggs in that marketing basket.  

Optimizing Your Edge Time

Modern life can be full of empty time. This space is sometimes referred to as edge time, optimizing your edge time will help you towards your goals. 

Tips for Setting Goals

For many of my clients working with me is the first time they’ve ever even considered writing down their goals around their art. But understanding where you are going will help you build a sustainable process for getting there.  

At The Little Blue House

The “At The Little Blue House” summer music series brought some of the best musicians Seattle has to offer to my quarter acre of land in South Seattle for an intimate open mic on a warm summer night. Watch the videos here. 

Consistency & Marketing Success

Building a community is all about creating long-term sustainable growth for your project. There are no shortcuts to building an engaged audience, just like any relationship you have to show up to find success.

Facebook Live for Musicians

Facebook Live is the best thing you can do to increase your Facebook page’s organic reach, so we encourage you to integrate this tool into your marketing mix. 

Community Building vs. Social Media Management

If you want to succeed on social media, you must shift from simply investing in social media management and begin investing in community building.

Free Self-care Activities in Seattle

When I started my own business I neglected myself not just because of the time but the money I thought I’d spend on my favorite self-care activities. Thats why I’ve brought together my favorite affordable or free self-care activities in Seattle! 

Nikki Barron

Nikki Barron

Founder & Coach

Hey! I’m Nikki! I am a marketing expert with over a decade of experience. I hold a technical degree in graphic design from North Seattle College. I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years.  I offer short-term marketing and business coaching to creatives as a way to help as many creatives as I can, while still going after my own career goals as the Head of Marketing at Mastin Labs. Let’s chat!