Facebook Live is the best thing you can do to increase your Facebook page’s organic reach, so we encourage you to integrate this tool into your marketing mix. For help along the way, reach out to us. We would love to chat about how we can help you plan and execute your live video strategy.

We are all aware it is becoming increasingly harder and more expensive to reach your Facebook followers. Every time you turn around, Facebook is changing the algorithm, and we’re left posting to an empty room. From what we can tell, the current Facebook algorithm weights live video the heaviest in the equation, meaning if you aren’t posting videos, you are missing out on free audience reach! Facebook Live is Facebook’s program for taking and sharing live video. Even if you don’t see a lot of engagement during your Facebook live, you will see it ripple out for days (even weeks) afterward, making it a valuable marketing tool for you to reach your audience.

Be consistent — You don’t have to conduct a Facebook live every single day to see the benefits, you just have to be consistent. Consistency will train your followers to expect new content from you. A good content plan will help you stay consistent. Plan out your next 6–8 Facebook Lives and commit to never missing a scheduled broadcast. Start with a twice-monthly show to test the waters.

Let people know you are doing a broadcast — Use all of your social media channels to let your followers know when they can expect your next broadcast. People have a short attention span, so give them a few reminders leading up to your event. When possible, ask friends and bandmates to share your Facebook Live to help you reach a wider audience.

Start with music — Most of your views are coming from the replay video, so start it with music. Your account and your name or your band name are right above the video, so you don’t need to waste time introducing yourself or saying hello. You only have a few seconds to capture the viewer’s attention, so it’s best to get right to the point. Take the opportunity between songs to say hello and point them to your call to action.

Think outside the box on content — You don’t have to only play your songs. Think outside the box about content you can share with your audience.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Cover some other local band’s song and tag them in the video. Be sure it is someone you know will be okay with it. If you aren’t sure, ask for permission. This is great for promoting upcoming shows.
  • Do a Q&A. If you have a small audience get some friends and family to plan to attend with pre-written questions. Do this pretty sparingly, as it can be a little dry.
  • Do a gear rundown. Show your followers what you are playing and why you chose it.
  • Take request on songs to cover. People love to participate. Put up a poll of songs they can choose from the week before.
  • Broadcast from unusual places. If you are playing an unusually quiet room, ask to set up your phone and live stream a full set. If you busk, you can also broadcast during those performances too. When you are on tour, find fun, quirky places to share.
  • Arrange your songs differently. You could do them acoustically, with toy instruments or make it another genre. Just make it different and a fun, unique experience.

Keep it short but not too short — From my research, I have found that the sweet spot for Facebook live videos is about 8–12 minutes. If you broadcast much longer, you are likely to see a significant drop-off. It’s better to do short videos more often than longer ones more infrequently. Live videos can only last up to 90 minutes. It also takes some time for Facebook to notify your followers that you are live, so make sure your call to action comes a few minutes after you started your video.

Put a call to action in the comment section — Always leave the action you want them to take in the comment section, and don’t forget to ask them verbally while filming the video. Your call to action may be a link to your Facebook event for a show, a link back to your record on your website, or a link to your online store where they can buy the merch you featured in your video.

Focus on connection — Remember to thank the viewers that show up for your Facebook live broadcast. People want to connect with you, so after the show, go through the comments on the video thread and respond to each one. Let your audience know how important they are to you.

Simultaneously broadcast on other networks — If you can get a friend or bandmate to help, you can also broadcast live to Youtube and Instagram, increasing your audience reach cross-platform. Conducting simultaneous live streams will also help you see where your audience is the most engaged.

Use a tripod, good light, and a mic — Your video will be more enjoyable to watch with the use of a good lighting and a still and straight camera angle. Most smartphones can deliver acceptable video quality for a Facebook live stream if handled correctly, you can use the microphone on your smartphone, or you can invest in a high-quality directional microphone for under $100. A good tripod and mic are worth the investment.

Tidy up the details — After the live broadcast, make sure the video looks good for the replay audience. You can adjust the post details, add tags, and insert relevant links by editing the post (click the three dots in the righthand corner of the post). These details will clean up your video and will have better replay reach.

Don’t be afraid to experiment — Social media is a great place to experiment and learn about your audience. Take risks during your Facebook Lives to collect information to help you make informed decisions.

Hey! I’m Nikki! I am a marketing expert with over a decade of experience. I hold a technical degree in graphic design from North Seattle College. I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years.  I offer short-term marketing and business coaching to creatives as a way to help as many creatives as I can, while still going after my own career goals as the Head of Marketing at Mastin Labs. 

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